Cherry Cleats

The pieces and parts of this boat provide some interesting tasks offering some diversion from what may seem at times routine in the construction. Or, they can be just the right sized project completed while waiting for epoxy to cure. One such time filler was a pair of wooden cleats I decided to manufacture from that cherry I have hauled around ever since living in Houston years ago.  Combine that with the discovery of a good article from Harry Bryan called, imagine this, “Making Wooden Cleats”.

From WoodenBoat No. 192 (Sept/Oct 2006)


They are easy to do. This instruction makes it simple. I made 2 for now using the chart he provides for specific dimensions based on the line to be used.

  • From cut offs discarded from the rudder head, 3/4″ cherry was cut to 1″ height in my case and then cut to 5″ lengths. These cleats will be fastened to the 2 masts for halyards ( or halliards per an Englishman).
Cherry blanks.
  • a 9″ bandsaw (with a dull blade) eventually made it through the stock to give a rough shape.
  • flat and tail files, the belt sander and final hand sanding delivered the product. 45 minutes a piece?
Rough cut lines.
A pair with stock for 2.
One of two with added turpentine for effect.

There still remains some slight “perfection sanding”, but they look suitable for the task.

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