Red, White and New

Old G4 socket with new G4 LED that lacked the lumens

Little Bird came with what appear to be repurposed cabin ceiling lights. They have wonderful glass globes with massive bronze bases. I don’t believe they’re original to the boat as evidenced by abandon holes behind the bases. I’m also doubtful the old G4 bulb sockets belonged to the fixtures’ manufacture.

New SPDT switch and sockets with old bulb

The G4 bulbs weren’t bright enough, drew extra amps and produced heat. Granted warmth is a plus in cool weather, but more sailing is done in warmer weather. Enough rationale, I decided to make the lights both white and red (no, not green of blue or whatever the latest night vision “fad” is). I also wanted the lower current drawing LED’s. To make this work, the single sockets were replaced with two BA15D bases per fixture and the switches replaced with SPDT, single pole double throw, on-off-on switches.

New glow

Now we’re ready for the disco!


Regent Point

Hard to even believe there might be any projects given the excellent care and attention this Frances has received prior to my ownership. I believe I am the 10th in a good line of stewards. I pray I don’t muck it up!

I’ve now had three overnight outings in Little Bird. Two short trips originated from Regent Point Marina on the Rappahannock River where the boat was recently hauled. We sailed to the Corrotoman River and later to Carters Creek. On the sail home we ducked into Horn Harbor. Perhaps more on those later.

So, projects, or better, additions. I’ve installed a Noco 2 bank battery charger. Chickadee burned through 2 Powermania chargers in short order. The company has since closed its doors. Wonder why? This Noco unit claims to be waterproof and “smart”. An identical unit was lastly used in Chickadee and seemed to deliver. So, here we are again. Good so far. It’s tucked up in the starboard quarter berth out of the way, but easily readable.

Green means full.

Also, I put another USB plug where a hole once was inside the companionway. Perhaps a vulnerable location, but like I said “hole”.

Twin USB’s in old hole.

Otherwise, we’re making efforts to bring aboard only gear we need. The tool bag did start out slim, but it is getting thicker. Projects!