Keel, Stems and Boomkin

Got some key things accomplished on the “you know what” this weekend. They are:

  1. trimmed the shear back 1/4″ for a sliver of ash to cover the ply edge.
  2. cut, planed, shaped and sanded the boom kin.
  3. attached stems and keel. Shaped both.
  4. watched the Redskins choke again.
So, here are some photos.
Bench with boomkin stock.
Boomkin 8-sided.
Boomkin 16-sided.


Bow stem and template.
Markings from template
Rough cut of stem.



Saw witnesses and chiseling.
Keel and raindrops.
Bow stem and keel shaped.


Oh, I also ordered filler for final fairing, primer, and paint. I’m dying to roll the boat over, but I’d like to get a coat of paint on while she is secured to the moulds. Much to do before that happens. C’est tout.

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