So, Its the New Year! Where are we?

Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to longer days and the eventual warming trend. The Holidays were busy and good. Enjoyed seeing the family.

I did slip in some work on the boat here and there. Save for the starboard outwale, I’m right where I had hoped to be. She is ready for some finishing and really looking like a boat! A sweet one at that. The thought of that first sail drives me onward.

I’ll list the tasks:

  1. a 3/16″ x 1/4″ (6mm) strip of ash was epoxied after trimming the shear.
  2. out wale edges were rounded over with a 1/4″ rounding bit on the jury rigged router table. Thankfully the plunge router stayed still. It has “adjusted” itself before to terrible results. None this time. I will further shape the top outer edge once boat is upright. That edge is about 1/2″ round, but has some rolling bevel to it. Hard to judge it upside down.
  3. outwales were scarfed with a step after some practice in pine. I used a combination of hand saw, hand plane, file, and belt sander for final fit. Got good results sneaking up on the fit.
  4. out wale ends were fitted to stems with small bevel and belt sander finesse.
  5. I epoxied the outwales on and then could reach the small 1/2″ rubstrake I added. A first attempt to nail the strake on was a fail. The hammer just bounced, even after drilling pilot holes. Aesthetically I did continue the holes every 12″ for accent. The solution was to overreach the out wale with a clamp and 2x material every 8″. Worked fine.
Ash shear trim to hide and protect shear ply edge.


Long shot of outwale clamping and stained shear plank.


Fitted outwale at bow


Outwale clamped.


Rubstrake clamping.


Clamping and nails. Nails failed really.


Port aft quarter.


Port bow.


Looking like a boat.
Graphite powder for the centerboard and reddish phenolic micro balloons arrived for fairing. That is the next step really. Tally-ho!


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