More Life, Better Style

This is simply a slide show of photos my daughter took on our little trip to Gwynn Island. She is a professional and has an artistic eye. These images reflect that and the good time we had. One of many memories I aspire to take with UNA. This is a top one for sure. Her site: A Girl Named Leney

my baby


Other baby


At the helm










Anchor prep


Hors d’oeuvres


radar weather check




Proud builder


Nice end


Perfect afternoon


A beauty


from the beach


in the reeds




that girl


there’s Waldo


shelled beach


baby check


morning return





off watch




just a breath


lazy afternoon




tools of the trade


sweet lines


mizzen set


long boat

2 thoughts on “More Life, Better Style

  1. Thank you Master Builder! I do hope you make it to the boat festival next week. My youngest boy and I are really expecting a good time as newbies. (He may be most excited about all-you-can-eat hot dogs on a bonfire.) We may do the Wye Island bonfire event Thursday.

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