Patient Lady

One evening in Maine at the Small Reach Regatta, I got the opportunity to introduce my girl to some of the “riff-raff”. Only after walking away from some introductions did I hear my buddy Mike say, “There goes a patient lady”. I laughed, and then, I didn’t. What was he implying? I think I know. I’m blessed.

More recently, over the past10 days I’d been watching for a weather window and saw predictions for a day that seemed ideal for August in Virginia. 82 degrees, sunny with NE winds at 5-10 mph. I wanted things to be as perfect as they could to introduce my number 1 girl to girl number 2. As luck would have it, the winds were virtually non existent, but the acquaintance was made and I think a friendship struck. Guess they’ll start trading tales?

my cowgirl and Luna.

Our actual moments of sailing were fleeting.  Several porpoise entertained us as we drifted up river. They were chasing bait fish along our way. For the most part, it was a flat day, but … on a boat … no harm.

Dwindling breeze

To be enjoyed, the outing demanded patience. You had to pause and take in the lovely view. Luna made the best out of the wisps of air. She continually impresses. Like Una, her hull is so easily driven. And just like a dinghy, Luna is small enough that shifting our bodies to leeward helps shape the sails. That’s all she needed. She loves to sail.

Schedules intruded calling us back home mid afternoon. No sooner had we tied to the dock, the breeze began to fill in. Still, all in all it was a pleasant afternoon. I’m glad the girls met. As always, it’s tough to leave either.

Office view toward Mobjack Bay.


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