A Week’s Time In Maine


the girl

Too much to tell and too little patience to relay it. It was a beautiful week of scented pines, midnight thunderstorms, lobster, foggy mornings and of course sailing in sparkling waters. For 3 days my daughter, dog and boat wandered among the small islands, camped on some, only lunched on others. Days passed lazily with temps in the low 80’s and evenings in the 60’s. From campfires to sunsets, the time was rejuvenating.

Bear Island viewpoint
morning’s ceiling

Swimming took some working up to, but our pup Huck didn’t hesitate. I was concerned he’d balk at his first cruise since a short canoe ride was the extent of his exposure. The 16 hour drive north could have ended very differently.

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The last 4 days’ sails were with the Small Reach Regatta participants. Over 70 boats were in attendance this year. Based out of the Reach Knolls Campground in Brooklin, ME. The owners were great hosts. All dinners were delicious with the last night capped with lobster. This community of boaters couldn’t be more genuine and fun-loving. Though technically not a race from lunch spot to lunch spot, there was some dueling going on.

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I regret that I didn’t get more pics. Some can be seen on the SRR Facebook page. One afternoon was near windless so, we headed for Deer Isle and Stonington, a town we had visited 6 years before on the bareboat schooner “Alamar”.

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Here’s a short video as we reached home from Sheep Island back to Herrick Bay.

Our last night presented a marvelous sunset. Turning south and heading home was not easy. Still, there is always next year … or … sooner?

photo credit: A Girl Named Leney


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