The Maine Thing

A Thursday afternoon drive to Frederick, MD, dinner, quick nap and we were on the road by 1:00am. By 11:30 am boats were rigged at Rockland, Maine’s public ramp located in the easternmost range of the harbor.


Weather was perfect, sunny, 80 and 10-12 mph winds. However, once past the mouth of the harbor, the fog rolled in. Visibility was reduced to 50 yards and then, nothing. Lobster boats could be heard, but not seen. The horn of the ferry warranted multiple replies. Wind lessened and incoming tide caused us to forgo Hurricane Sound for Fox Island Thoroughfare.

Ports of call: Rockland Harbor, Fox Island Thoroughfare, Perry Creek, Pulpit Harbor, Bucks Harbor, Benjamin River, Center Harbor on Eggemoggin Reach, Casco Passage, Bass Harbor, Frenchboro, Burnt Cote Harbor, Center Harbor, Pulpit Harbor back to Rockland.

This video tells the rest to be told.

10 thoughts on “The Maine Thing

    1. Yes. KMac loved it. In fact he liked all the monster yachts. My favorite was the 29′ Chuck Paine “Annie”, the baby blue cutter we saw in Pulpit Harbor. Bring the Coquina to Mobjack!

      1. JW Arthur

        That cutter had some sweet lines . Was thinking of finding a VRBO down on the Mobjack for a week in October and bringing both Gingers.

      2. Not sure Ginger 1 would appreciate our state of affairs at Myrtle, but there is a place 4 doors upstream from us. Simple, good views and the best river! Let us know-

  1. Sharon & Kirk

    EB just got around to see 8 days in Maine!
    Great Escape in Virginia October! Wonderful footage. Didn’t see Kmac with his Ham and cheese wraps,you must have upgraded him to the LBSTAR roll.

    Awesome lines on those boats, A big thanks.
    K & S

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