Camille’s Reprise

Took a break to sail a wonderfully well-behaved little boat, Camille, a little fatty who’s grace holds no surprises. On her clothesline mooring now, she waits for this weekend’s fun and the weather looks obliging.


Made a short video playing with the phone’s iMovie app. Upon seeing a partial clip, my buddy Jay says, “Dogs really do like cats!”

8 thoughts on “Camille’s Reprise

  1. Richard

    Nice, my first sail, summer camp, got dismasted and rescued. Later we had our own Beatle Cat, a Duxbury Bug.
    Fond Memories

  2. John B.

    There appears to be a pretty Beetle Cat in France, in the latest Roger Barnes vid; it has a kick-up rudder of some sort and a bright deck, at:

  3. John B.

    Would definitely cut that weather helm a bit with the narrower profile! Nice boat and Roger’s vids are great if you’ve not followed him before. Cheers

      1. John B.

        Nice! I’ve got a copy also. Looking forward to some adventures soon. #1545, former BOREAS, arrives Tuesday.

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