Hot Hot, Pot Pot

Camille waiting on her clothesline

Small boats are generally simpler boats, and, simpler boats are easier to use. An unused boat will suffer from neglect. Though new to us, little Camille was built in 1958 and found recently languishing in a shed. Over the past year she has given us some wonderful sails and warrants more attention. We’ve begun to cross off a number of her “to do” items. Improvements this week were: main sheet, peak and throat halyards are now new spun polyester, soft to the hand and supple. The old lines will serve as dock lines for C. I like to think they are souvenirs from her decades of sailing.

Used traveler with new running rigging

Bright sail ties dress up and hold a furl in the main. Looping the main sheet around the package was awkward and probably harder on the old sail. A discarded bronze traveler from Peter at Howard Boats replaces what was a rope traveler secured with two deck eyes.

Sail tie and new sheet

With a new masthead fly, Camille is ready for more memories.


Here is a short video as she cut along a string of a dozen crab pots. It was a very hot day. Think we’ll favor cooler evening sails for the next several weeks instead.

12 thoughts on “Hot Hot, Pot Pot


    Hello Eddie! Non-complete boat member of OBC here.  This is a very cool set of Lingering Lunacy posts on the new old Beetle.  Videos are delightful and give me the best look at these little cats I’ve seen.  The new look is very nice so far. Hot hot, pot pot clever and yes, July sailing should be conducted “off hours”.  All this sadly from my armchair.  You may know the the cat I’m ALMOST finished building was designed looking at the Beetles.  Bill Garden drew up a version for himself that would be me comfortable as he aged.   Same length and beam but with more freeboard to allow seating.  I hope very much you and others get a chance to visit with her.  By the way, can you tell me where you found your masthead fly?  Howard Boats perhaps?  I like that model. All the best, Greg 

  2. John B.

    Very nice – looks great!

    I just picked up hull 1545 from MN and will be shipping her home shortly to VA Beach. Care to share your recipe for ‘boat soup’

    John B.

  3. Rob Kuznig

    Nice Beetle – takes me back to my Hyannis days with 15 always out there on the moorings – yet… I’ve never sailed one. The Crawford Melonseed was as close as I got. Nice footage!

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