Water and Color

Just got a text with this fine painting from Mabu’s skipper, Harris. He and his Caledonia were anchored just to windward of UNA that colorful evening on Yarmouth Creek two weeks ago. Seems like ages now. I can hear the slap of the water, cries of the geese …

Somehow the cold is gone.

Thanks Harris!

6 thoughts on “Water and Color

  1. gregleetaylor@aol.com

    Thanks for sharing this Eddie! This is very cool, love it. I read somewhere long ago that sailors are also painters many times. I dont know how that can be true. Perhaps nature’s beauty is simply that inspiring…

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  2. gregleetaylor@aol.com

    Hello Eddie, I just re-watched the Jane’s Is. vid.  Nice!  Do most people car camp for this event?  I have to prepare both my boat and car/tent camping.  By the way,  I’m now getting ready for the galley box and like your feet, cleat, boat color matching and removable shelf.  Permission to pirate ideas?  (Pirates don’t ask for permission…)

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