Tools (yes, all necessary)

I’ve made mentioned of the  jig saw, table saw and belt sander, but there are many other tools I need to mention. All have been instrumental at some point or another:

  • jack plane– good help in trimming the inner stems fast. Planes also eliminate the dust a sander makes.
  • low angle block plane– required for fine tuning the edge bevel on each strip and early hull/ deck fairing.
  • spokeshave– good for initial hull faring.
  • japanese pull saw– fine cuts. works for close cut along waterline or keel in my case.
  • X-Acto saw- also found use cutting strips along accents, waterline & keel.
  • clamps & more clamps- of all shapes & sizes.
  • rasps & files- used here & there.
  • cabinet scraper- for interior & exterior surface fairing. Helps eliminates all but last of sanding.
  • cordless drill- perfect for assembling forms to the strongback.
  • staple gun- mine broke after 3 staples and I reverted to 18ga nails. the resulting holes do not bother me. I see it as part of the build archeology.
  • glue gun- used to help hold strips together. I used clamps and masking tape from shear to waterline, but glue from WL to keel.
  • sanding blocks- 10-12″ of belt sander strip glued to 1/8″ ply makes for good use in trimming bevels on strips and fairing. Put a rounded block on the back of ply for a handle.
  • hammer– can any project be completed without one?
  • wood chisels & a way to sharpen them effectively. Chisels used to fair edges of strips along accents.
  • levels- used for the squaring of forms. I’ve a 10″ and 24″ long.
  • string- also used for the squaring of forms. it is also effective in lashing stuff where a bungee cord won’t. Artificial sinue (used for my SOF kayaks) is incredibly strong.
  • pocket knife- used all the time on just about anything, even when another tool is out of reach … chisel, screw driver, etc. (I hear moaning). I most frequently use my Spyderco “Tenacious”. Just awesome.
  • quartz heater– good direct heat in a cold garage. Don’t forget to turn it off when not attended!
  • spongy shoes- some old Merrels have saved my puppies for long spells of standing over the boat on the garge floor.
  • folding saw horses- the plastic variety are great for setting up a temporary work table near the task at hand.

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