Bag It

About a week ago I purchased 100′ of 2x2x1/8″ angle to fabricate a second tier on UNA’s trailer to haul either the new dink “GiGi” or canoes or kayaks. Last week I hack sawed lengths for horizontals and uprights. This week bolts arrived and today I bolted the pieces together and now a box wraps around UNA. I’m undecided on how I want to cross brace this box, so in usual form I stopped that project and picked up on another.

The new boat tent needed a storage place. The forward locker and lazarette fill quickly with more weather sensitive stuff (sleeping bags, clothes, camera, food, etc.). There happens to be an unused out of the way spot under the side seats port and starboard. This is just perfect for a bag storing the tent. So, my $30 sewing machine builds a 24″x4″x8″ bag with zipper and hanging loops. With each project our “sail loft” gains skill. One bag quickly led to a second to “balance” things out. Check ’em out-

Zippered bag with Velcro end strap.
Stainless steel footman loops are mounted under the seat for strapping in the bags.
P & S pair

This was an easy project that suited the tent well and leaves a second bag for miscellaneous items like sail ties, horn, flashlight, or whatever. All the materials are leftovers from the tent making. SurLast, 1″ webbing, plastic zipper, and Velcro.

bag installed to port.

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