Yak, yak, yak

I’ll be brief. Used a popsicle stick to draw a fillet around the coaming, set biased glass all around the rim, and tape kept epoxy off rest of boat.  Will epoxy 1st rim lamination before trimming coaming.

Tape protects from epoxy ooze. Gives crisp edge when removed at 1/2 cure state.

bias set glass

Double layered glass at cockpit. Used separate pieces at stems with a 1.5″ overlap towards center. The interior really soaked up the epoxy. This may be due to the rougher sanding. Boat still seems quite light. No telling how much I removed in sanding the interior. It weighed 20# before sanding & interior glass. Will weigh again. Lay up went very well save for one small spot where I put spreader sticks to maintain the beam. This stick slid about a 1/4″ down and took the glass with it. No problems. This will be covered up in the seaming of the 2 halves. Timeline: 185 hours.

double glassed at the cockpit

epoxied with spreader sticks at odd numbered mould locations.

Took the hull into the back yard to locate the foot pegs. Here are some nice pics and one of a clown in a boat.

starboard qtr.
sweet lines

happy clown.

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