Sand, Varnish, Sand, Varnish … etc. etc.

Not much to report other than wet sanding, varnish, wet sanding, varnish … you get the idea. The weather has been quite humid and I think it caused a bad result on my next to last coat. Add to that there may have been some microscopic moisture present that pushed the varnish away in a few places. I hurried the past coat and paid for it. So, … more sanding. I’ve decided to wait for cooler temps in the morning for this last swipe of the brush.

Sanded and waiting for last coat …

While she waits, I ordered some Minicell foam to carve a seat and cushion the back brace I glued together this afternoon. A stiff piece of paper was taped under the aft end of the cockpit and a pencil line was scribed a good inch from the rear and as close and 1/2″ on the sides. This template was taped to some scrap OSB and 2 sides were cut out to make the form. Crude but effective. More pics and details can be found here from earlier braces.

new brace glued up.

Determined to use the yellow pine and some mahogany scraps, I copied the “theme” of the cockpit coaming. We’ll glass both sides after some sanding and shaping, contact glue an inch of Minicell and varnish the rest. Instead of fiberglass strap eyes, I may use stainless. This is where we stand at 219 hours.

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