Tid Bits

Well, I had expected to be done in June. Life got me off schedule for a good month. As I’ve said, there isn’t much to report on loads of varnishing and sanding, but I do have a few items to share:

  1. I got Minicell from Joe at Redfish kayaks and carved away at the seat. It started as a 4x16x24 block. A Japanese saw and rasp (sure form) made decent work out of it. I used fore and aft forms from the build to interpolate the rough cuts. I plan on securing it to the hull by Velcro strips for ready adjustments until I’m familiar with the boat.
    Fitted foam.

    Note drain channel in center.

    Scraps and tools.
  2. Toggles for the latigo leather deck lines (cut from a belt strip to 3/8″ width) were laminated from yellow pine and mahogany and sanded to shape then varnished 4 times.

    toggles installed
  3. Paddle keeps at the ends of the boat were installed. I think the loose leather tied at the ends will be easier to push the blade under.
  4. Final pass of clear silicone sealant glued in the bulkheads. I placed a small hole dead center for breathing between compartments. The dry time was forever (4-5 days) so I used a lamp to speed things up.
    silicone glow

    Moth over kayak
  5. It is good to have a 9 year old boy to install the foot pegs. I just couldn’t reach the forward bolt to save my life. He slithered in to hold peg frame against hull while I tighter bolts on the outside.
  6. Back brace is sanded, glassed, and shaped. Foam and strap slots need to be added. I still haven’t decided on any hip braces which are preferred for rolls (that I’ve not attempted).
    inside face glassed

    At 230 hours, I’m pushing to splash this baby Sunday afternoon even if a few details remain like hip braces. Yeah! Yeah!

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