The Boat Goes On

Absent, but not out … I’m close to scarfing the whiskey/shear plank. I pulled the last “truss” template last night. It is proper that this plank is last for it provides the most “show” for the boat. As the uppermost and outer edge, it has all those previous laps lifting it up. I’m frankly still not convinced that all my tweaking of the shear batten is right. A distant view isn’t possible in the now tight garage, or for that matter, out on the drive. We’ll have to wheel her out once the whiskey is down. In the meantime I’ll add 1/4″ to the shear line for safety and scribe a batten once upright and in the drive for good eyeballing.

So, planks 4 & % are on. Only the shear planks remain, and I am pausing on this. My intention is to bright finish this plank inside and out. Scarfs need to be best. The balance of the hull will be painted. I’ve made a mix from 2 MinWax satins that looks happy. I mocked up a test panel for confirmation.

Sample panel.

Paint is “Sky Blue” semi-gloss by Marshalls Cove. Bill Thomas on OCH seemed to like the ease of application for his Fox canoe. Seems to have an easier workability from the can vs. Brightsides, plus I like their color choices better. The stain is a 50/50 mix of Minwax “Golden Oak” and “Golden Pecan”. It goes well with the various cherry accents I’ve planned. I’m going to use ash for the gunwales, but model has pine now (a close color match).

What else? Centercase slabs are cut. Here is a photo of the gain fence and rabbet plane. Works just as easily as on the manning benches. I do scribe the gain edge with a utility knife against the fence to help keep the edge clean. I had gotten some tear out previously.

Rabbet fence.

And one more looking forward from aft. I have 2 scarf joints together which was unintended. No issue I don’t think, but I had intended to skip a beat. I’ve maybe 145-150 hrs now from nothing to something. I’m jacked. I think I can have a new boat come Spring.

Tail view.
I know she looks kind of brutal with all those filled holes and roughed up stem, but finishing will smooth and make all that go away.


The shear is still vexing me (though it looks good in this photo to my eye). I’m not confident it is where it needs to be. It does match the moulds. Perhaps I should trust the drawings? Well, I think I’ll roll the whole works into the drive, paint the shear batten black or grey and study from a distance. As I say, this plank does mean the most aesthetically. Having fun!

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