Sand Jam Thumb Cleat Epoxy

Boat work has been sporadic. Things are getting done, but when so much of it has been fairing and sanding … what is there to report? Nonetheless, here are some items for the record.

  • I bought this little paint scraper that is fantastic in combination with careful use of the heat gun.
1.5″ wide scraper. Good addition.
  • I fabricated the jaws for the mizzen boom from cherry scraps. I decided to angle them to better receive the mast. Ganging them together allowed for easy belt sanding. Glued, screwed and plugged here:
Jaws ganged for sanding.


Starboard jaw attached.


  • I’ve a couple old Herreshoff open base cleats that I’ll likely use bow and stern, but there are a few jam and thumb cleats needed for the 2 booms. I found a photo online that I adapted for this application. All done with drill press, jig saw, belt sander, file and sanding block. A final hand sanding will precede shellac and varnish.
Jam cleats.


Thumb cleats.


  • Lastly, I got a coat of epoxy on. Mike at RAKA suggested heating up the boat and then cooling it down as epoxy is brushed on. He said the wood pores would open and soak up the goo. This I did with about a 10% thinning with denatured alcohol. A few areas got a bit thick and exhibit some sagging which will require more sanding. The random orbital sander should make it quick work. I may be able  to then prime for paint. We’ll see.
Dark laps are where the “purple” fairing compound is.

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