She’s Got A New Dress On

Well, I’d like to think all the sanding has paid off. After applying 2 coats of primer and sanding after each coat, I’m all sanded out for awhile. I had intended to use the foam roller and brush tipping method, but the white “hot dog” rollers kept falling apart after half the boat was coated and left foam trash in the primer which required extra sanding.

Bow and 2 coats of primer.
Primed stern.

So, after almost 3 hours of the first top coat, she is starting to appear the lady.

Bow with 1 coat.
Stern and 1 coat.

Originally I intended to bright finish the stems,  but I sensed it would appear too fussy and elected to paint them instead. I lost control of one of the gains at the top of the broad plank at the stern, but all others look fine. This gain is likely at the waterline and will escape notice.
Collecting the rudder hardware took 3 separate orders from Hamilton Marine, WoodenBoat, and Duck Trap. Nobody had a pair of anything. The rudder gudgeons are actually Wilcox-Crittenden parts. That company’s hardware business is long gone. Classic Marine did have all the pieces, but at perhaps at 2.5 times the cost.
I may elect to cut the pintels off and use a rod a la Jim Luton’s method. The unpolished transom gudgeons are from Duck Trap.
I’m planning on turning her over this weekend and add another finish coat at the end of the job. On to more construction in the meantime.

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