First Cruise (Closer to the Dream)


Went for a short sail today, or at least dreamt of doing so.
With some helpers, we flipped the hull last night. The volume in this boat amazed me. Since September I have been looking at her from the keel. Once flipped, it is a whole different perspective. I think she’s got capacity to carry a tent and some grub.
All last evening I was chomping at the bit to start work on the interior, but hadn’t decided on how to support the boat for work. I finally chocked her up with female moulds edged with a plywood cradle and carpet. The hull is very secure and I felt no give while walking and sitting in there.
Cradle with 1/4 ply scrap.


Installed with bracing.
I chose stations 2 and 6 for the cradles. This is where the 2 bulkheads will be installed. I clamped braces across the gunwales at stations 6, 4 and 2. Little effort was required to pull the beam in line. It had opened up about 3/4″. This structural system is amazingly rigid.
Here are a few photos of the upright hull. I’m happy with the shear after all the contortions to view it upside down. I don’t think I was more than 1/8″ off from any of Iain’s marks after it was all done.


Starboard quarter.


Further aft.


Interior looking aft.


Bow stem.
The rest of the afternoon was spent trimming the inhales to fit and experimenting with lining a hole with copper pipe bushing for wear. I’m inclined to have a simple hole in the bow stem in lieu of a “nose ring”. I got good results with a parallel sided chunk of wood, but the stem is trapezoidal. I flared the pipe by wiggling a large screw driver in the hole and hammering with a grommet tool. More tests are going to be required before risking on the actual boat, but I like the appearance.
Test copper bushing.

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