I’m uncertain what I’ve here to inform or enlighten, but progress is progress in this case. The spokeshave has seen a lot of action. While the floors seemed to have a sweet flow from one to the next, once the floor boards were tested for fit, the floors needed some fine tuning.

First the boards for the floor (douglas fir) were arranged to take advantage of the grain character from board to board.

Floor boards arranged.

The floors needed repeated “scraping” to ease the twisting of the floor boards.


All but the 2 center boards are screwed to floors. Screwing the floorboards in adds greater stiffness to the hull. For the center boards I added 3 “fingers” to the underside and a keyed thumb cleat made of oak so that easy access can be had to the center of the bilge.



Keyed plinth for thumb cleat.


Radiused plinth with shoulders.


Oak thumb cleat engaged.

The floors were removed and installed maybe 5-6 times before I was
satisfied with the way they sat.


I shaped some oak for the forward centercase support. This open design will allow for lashing items securely in the boat.
Supports screwed in place.



Overall of floors and support.
The rudder screws are now countersunk. I’m happy with the installation. More later-

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