An Assorted Post of Sorts

I’m close to pushing this hull out into the outside air and begin the next round of sanding, epoxy coating, priming and painting or varnishing. Some good steps have been taken since last post, but my interest in documenting it has slipped. I really am at a point where I want to finish, so, my energies have simply plugged along with the build. I do have updates:


I’ll start with a shot across the bow. Iain has designed a looker.


  • The deck framing is done minus the edge support lip.
foredeck and hatch framing.


Framing is epoxied and dowelled.


  • I’m installing fore and aft hatches designed around a dairy crate’s dimensions. A 5 gallon bucket also slips through.


Bowed batten for frame arched edges.


Ganged framing for belt sanding.
Frames were cut with jig saw.


Hatch lip framing and hatch frame in cherry.


Cherry strips added to frame for hatch.


End strips are wedged with impromptu shims.
  • Thwart knees at 3/4″ have been fitted in oak, but they appear thin and I think I’ll swap them for 1″ spruce to match breast hooks.
Holt melt and ply knee template.


Cut ply template.


Oak knee. Seems thin visually.
  • Breasthooks are in spruce and near final shape.
Test fitting and screwed temporarily in place.


Benched for cutting and shaping.


Back in place after belt and ROS sanding.

By cutting the breast hook halves from the same board and adjacent to each other, a nice grain pattern is mirrored. I was overzealous in planing the joint and needed to slip some cherry shims there. It actually adds to the appearance I think.

Overall from aft starboard quarter.

The side bench supports are also in. I had neither 1/2″ ply nor 1x boards wide enough here. I glued two 1/4″ plus together.

The center case cap in cherry is epoxied in. The thwart is screwed in as will the thwart knees for easier removal when refinishing is needed down the road. I wonder how many miles will have been sailed at that point.
Lastly, of note, the sails have been ordered! She will now be a sail and oar boat.

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