Caps, Dogs, and Inwales

The list is shrinking, but I haven’t had much desire to document it all. I do feel the finish line is around the bend.

Key remaining items to make are:

  1. centerboard
  2. main boom
  3. side seats
  4. decks
  5. oars
Everything else is a detail or … darn sanding and finish application. I did actually begin that process and quickly lost interest. I began sanding and epoxy coating the aft compartment.
It seems a shame to paint out the nice wood tones, but they look better from this distance.
Going forward, I curved the deck’s trailing edge per the sloop version. It adds a bit of elegance and functionally helps cover the hatch in the bulkhead. I may not have covered it, but I reverted to 4 dogs for the bulkhead hatch. I had two tongues on the back of the hatch and two dogs up high, but that was too awkward with this overhanging edge.


curved deck edge.


Added ash trim like small shear rubbing strip.


4 dogged hatch and mast partners.

After a failed attempt to bow a 1/4″ strip of douglas fir to follow the deck curve (it kept cracking and I didn’t want to steam or soak), 3/8″ plywood did nicely. The lower ash trim compliments the small rubbing strip on the shear plank.

The centerboard pivot was reinforced with a sloped piece epoxied above the hole. The aft end of the case got 2 layers of 1/4″ cherry. The first layer cracked, but the second covered the mistake. I’ve since plugged the holes from drywall screws with 5/16″ dowels.
Added sloped cap above pivot.


Centercase capped in 2 layers of 1/4″ cherry.
The final inhales are now installed. I wish my ability to do this now had been present to start with. Technique makes all the world of difference. She’s really a beauty. And she is looking ever more the boat.

2 thoughts on “Caps, Dogs, and Inwales

  1. Hi Eddie,
    The boat looks terrific! I'm curious what material you are using for the seats, thwart, and floorboards? Looks like fir, are you finding full width planks or having to laminate or glue up to get the width? Keep up the good work! Steve

  2. Hey there Steve,
    Thwart is white oak (I think). Side seats and floors are doug fir. All one piece. I didn't make the floors curved except outside edge. That made it easier to find boards. The DF tends to splinter when you don't want it to. Not sure I'd use it in this application again.
    How's yours coming along?

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