A Little More of Many Things

I confess that the organized side of my brain tells me to finish a task (i.e. building oars) and then post all of the particular details and photos in a singular post. However, the other side of my skull says, “lets just do something”. And then there is the chaotic synapses that delight and create in having many projects going at once. It offers an outlet when a particular task may get arduous or boring as is sanding.

So be it. In such fashion, here are random pics of pieces and parts of the boat in various stages of completion. “Completion” is the operative word here. This past week’s sailing has made me long ready to end this build, stop this scattered documentation, and take this new boat on her own adventurers.

Since oars have been mentioned previously, here they are, nearly ready for final sanding and finish.

Cut blade tips for hardwood insert.


Handle shaping.


Final shape.
2 makes a pair. Tips gluing up.


The breasthooks as previously blogged I thought too fat. I planed them down, sanded, and added shellac for varnishing.
Stern breasthook.

After staining the hatches, I noticed some scratches requiring further sanding. I will glass the top of these. I’ve yet to decide on hinges. I do have some stainless piano hinge available.

Cherry stripped hatch.

I dowelled the center case trim where screws had been for accent.

Centercase cap.
Fairing has been applied to interior hull laps using epoxy thickened with micro balloons.
Faired laps.

As an after thought I glassed the inside of the rudder head to help assure it doesn’t split. Also, the rudder pivot hole was widened and filled with epoxy to be drilled later for bolt.

Rudder head glassing.


Aside from much sanding, I do have 2 coats of varnish after 1 coat of shellac on all the removable brightwork. they are stacked out of the way for now. Final coats will be attempted in a less dusty environment.

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