Brooklin, Maine (aka Boat Heaven)

The boat progresses. The foils are being glassed and the interior is getting a coat of epoxy. There are loads of small details I won’t get  into. I just wanted to post a few pics from the weekend. After Friday night seats at Fenway, my middle son and I rented a car and headed north. We saw beautiful boats in Rockport, Camden,  and Belfast. We lingered longest in Brooklin, Maine where the Wooden Boat School resides and where Doug Hylan has a boatyard. Here are a few images.

Belfast- French & Webb renovation.


Camden schooner.


Boston- Rose.


Cape Dory.


12 1/2


Camden schooner.


Awaiting sponsors.


Ultralite canoe.


Cedar stack.


Carvel and steamed ribs.




Old and new.


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