Brass Bling and Splicing

Got the crew in the driveway the other morning to flip the hull. Devising a mattress of old tires and moving quilts to roll the boat made me just nervous enough. Dropping the project at this stage would not be good.

Adding brass.

Mounting the brass really puts a finished look to the boat. It will be removed for one last (third) coat of paint. I may add some varnish on the interior as the chance of dust settling on the surface is reduced.

Bow stem bending.
Transom gudgeon.


End to be tapered.
Bow eye.


Bow stem conformed.

Bends in the brass were achieved by brute force, a smooth faced hammer, a woodworker’s vice, and blocks of hardwood. There is simply many test fittings and a tad sanding on the stem to get a good fit. You must be careful not to bend on one of the screw holes. There the half oval will fold (Ah, experience).

I will file round and tapered the few ends that are exposed.

Got the mizzen boom jaw leathered. I could have stitched the protection on, but elected to use copper tacks.

Jaw leather.
Great scissors.

When I bought extra thick leather for the oars, I grabbed these super scissors. Cuts leather like paper. Always helps to have the right tool. I still wish for a bandsaw.

Lastly, did up a few splices: some 3 strand loops for boom and yard fittings, the double braid down haul, and anchor rode. Some are better than others. Later-


4 thoughts on “Brass Bling and Splicing

  1. Rik,
    I haven't yet. Hull still needs a last coat of paint. I will bed the screws only (may want to remove brass later). Considering BoatLife's “Life-Caulk”. It is not as permanent as Sikaflex 5200.
    You got a build going?

  2. Eddie,
    Finishing a JW Pathfinder. Not putting on any brass though. But I always wondered how those little screws could cause havoc with water intrusion. I have find butyl tape and will use it for all hatches and other screwed and bolted items.
    Your boat looks beautiful. My compliments.

  3. So I saw. Nice. I do like the butyl tape. May get some more. Since I'm not leaving her in the water, I hope to avoid replacing wood down the road. I've had a few wood dinghies (actually sold 2, Moth and Penguin, to help fund this project), but none had hardware below the WL. Something to keep an eye on. Thanks-

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