Pushing the Season

An unusual warmth and breeze proved too tempting this morning. Temps were in the mid 60’s. I can’t recall sailing this early in the year before, unless the Caribbean counts. With winds at 10-12 mph conditions looked perfect. So, we hooked up UNA. Hauling south for about an hour from home got us to Lake Chesdin. Built as a reservoir for Chesterfield County, it has good depth and much of it remains undeveloped shoreline. Some had rock outcroppings with pines reminiscent of Maine.

The SE end of this long water has 2 public ramps separated by a small pier. It all worked quite well. 30 minutes to rig and off we were for a wonderful afternoon. The crystal blue skies and warmth of the sun felt fantastic while slouched in the cockpit watching cormorants, terns, and great heron take wing along the way. An occasional whiff of wood fires only added to the scene. A few coves beckoned for another visit, perhaps for an overnighter.  The lake is fed by the Appomattox River. We sailed in that direction for about 1.5 hrs to weather to turn and reach back for about an hour back to the ramp. There were perhaps a half dozen bass boaters seen along the way. They too wanted to stay in practice I suppose. All was a needed break from the winter doldrums here. Take a look-

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