Wind In The Willows

Old Bay Club members Barbara and Harris couldn’t have been any better hosts this past weekend. They invited the “Club” to their house. True, and that after last year’s visit. In attendance were 8 boats and 12 sailors. Some arrived Friday afternoon for a sail down the James, oysters on the beach, a fire, cocktails (beware of Dark and Stormies) and a beautiful sunset.

Saturday was a dream sail in the marshes of Grays Creek near the Jamestown ferry landing at Scotland. Took lunch on a sandy spit with Dennis and Jim while watching Barry in his 1947 Lightning glide back and forth. The others took lunch at a small restaurant in the creek. H & B win the race home. For the record, Barbara was at the helm.


Sunday’s sail was brisk. Winds in the upper teens. I climbed in with Barry under full sail. We were quick to sit on the rail of his sprite Lightning and eventually doused the jib to carry on. The fleet was reduced to Harris and his Caledonia, Doug and Kevin with their Marsh Cats, Dennis in his Wisp and Tom and Francie in their Sea Pearl. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or folks to share it with. Here are some phone clips as proof.

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