Mikey Floyd’s “Salty Heaven”

This 17′ boat is one of several boats I mulled over before building UNA. Floyd really got some beautiful lines set here. She looks so workmanlike.

Mikey Floyd in his “Salty Heaven”, the original boat.

No laps in the intended clinker construction in this 1/2 hull, but the grace still shines through. Could still be a project down the road. In the meantime I’ve some more wall art.



9 thoughts on “Mikey Floyd’s “Salty Heaven”

  1. Charles Price

    Hi. I love the shape of Mikey Floyd’s Salty Heaven and would like the chance to build the boat. If the plans you have are to scale, I guess a fellow could build a boat from them minus some details. Phil Bolger’s Prince William Sound Yawl and Herreshoff’s Coquina share much of the Salty Heaven’s hull shape. What are the chances of getting the Salty Heaven plans?


    1. Charles,
      Mikey has the plans available for free. They were on WoodenBoat Forum.
      Let me know if you proceed. There is a fellow building one now on the west coast.

      1. Grant

        Looking to build Salty Heaven but can’t find the plans, Woodenboat claim not to have them. Any chance you have the details of the guy you mention here that was building one?

    1. Thanks Mikey. SH is a boat size that I believe is often overlooked. The half model will keep it in my sights. Kamala is sweet too. Got any other boats on the drawing board?

      1. taotaotao

        Ah… I’ve slid into that all too common trap of my boats getting larger and larger while at the same time realising that my passion for boats rests with the small and lightweight ones. Salty Heaven was without question my all time favourite boat and the one that saw the most use by many times.
        At some stage soonish I’ll move ashore and build another little lightweight boat. Until such time I’m sailing an old Division 2 sailboard and doing an awful lot of surfing!

      2. Is that a news flash? Well, let me help find the house then! Tell us more about your thoughts on this new design. I’m staring at a picture of your SH sitting above my desk now. Is this newbie a sister?

        Yes, not having to tinker with a cantankerous boat fridge when you could be sailing matters. Crossing oceans does demand size, short of the lunatic fringe, but 99% of sailors would be better served with a smaller boat. Looking forward to hearing more when ready-

  2. Mikey Floyd

    Nothing to tell at this stage. It’ll be more pointy at one end than the other, it’ll look nice to me, it’ll sail sweetly. And I’m not really that sure about the pointy part there. Beyond that we’ll just have to see how I feel when the time comes.
    This is the last thing I put down on paper [ http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?188513-An-Introduction-and-(thoughts-about-)-a-New-Boat&highlight=mikey+floyd ] I didn’t build it. I doubt I will as I’ll come up with a new idea to get excited about.

    Cheers Mikey

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