Merry Christmas


LUNA is not quite under the tree, but close enough. Over the next few months some of the projects on the “list” can be completed. And, as she waits on me, she’ll warm my heart with the promise of that first Spring cruise. Can’t wait.

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Getting her home was no small effort. Before yesterday’s sunrise, my middle son and I left for the marina, had a cold motor trip around to the boatyard (no wind), spent 3-4 hours removing the masts, hauling the boat, and tidying up the equipment for travel.  12 hours later we found ourselves back home, but unable to move LUNA from the bottom of our gravel drive onto the concrete apron beside the house. Apparently a Ford F150 has only so much umps to haul uphill. After several attempts and digging too much gravel, we called it quits for the day. This morning a trip to Enterprise returned with a real truck. Make that a Ford F350 dually diesel. That beast in 4 wheel low yanked our boat up the drive like a wet rag. Amazing.


The Home Owners Association is specific about not keeping boats in yards. So far, no calls. In my opinion, her beauty adds to the neighborhood. God knows there are enough ugly house additions around. Besides, she’s really just visiting and … its Christmas. Hope yours is a blessed one.




5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Bob Thompson


    As your neighbor just around the corner, you have my permission to keep that lovely boat just where it is. It will give me great pleasure to drive by and see it there in your driveway, Anyway, I will have my new/old Caledonia yawl at home in a couple of months and will be storing it behind the house on a parking pad, when not in the garage.

    All the best for the holidays.


      1. Bob Thompson


        It was actually UNA that gave you up. I had been following your blog for awhile and one day got behind you on the road in front of your house and followed you home. Had no idea you lived so close. Probably within a quarter of a mile as the crow flies.

        I will drop by to see the boat. Thanks for the invite. I will be picking up my Caledonia yawl around March 1st in CT and bringing her down here to sail. I just bought her last week. She is a custom build (2012) by Tom Regan at Grapeview Point Boat Works in Olympia, WA. Look forward to getting out on the water with you.


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