Gartside design #166 Specifications


Hull Type: Wood Rig Type: Balanced Lug Yawl
LOA: 19′-8″/ 6.04m LWL: 18′-8″ / 5.76m
Beam: 7′-5″ / 2.28m Listed SA: 119 ft2 / 11.06 m2
Draft: 3′-11″(bd down.)/ 12″ (bd up.)
Ballast: 304 lbs./ 138 kgs.
Disp. @ DWL: 1,605 lbs./ 728 kgs.
Designer: Paul Gartside
Construction: Wood (clinker ply, strip or cold molded)
SA(Fore.): 191 ft2 / 17.75 m2 SA(Mizz.): 23 ft2 / 2.15 m2
Sail Area (100% fore+mizzen): 214 ft2 / 20 m2

2 thoughts on “Gartside design #166 Specifications

  1. David Bewick

    Hi there, I came across your blog whilst looking up the Gartside 166 on the net. I have a Vivier “Aber” that I launched in 2012 and I have been thinking about my next boat ever since. I am stuck between a bigger day boat and a pocket cruiser. I have recently come back to the 166 and it does seem to have the right combination of cockpit and crawl in and die cabin space. I like the idea of the lug yawl, too. I was thinking that cold moulding might be the way to go with this. Have you fixed on this method? I’ll look forward to seeing future posts. God luck with build and best regards, David.

    1. Hey there David,
      It sounds like you have the same affliction as I, always considering the next boat! For my purposes, Paul’s 166 hits a perfect chord. Small and light enough to trailer easily, convenience of the buddy, no deep keel so shallow draft capabilities and I love the lug rig which has been so sweet on my UNA. While I couldn’t get Gartside to say, I think 166 should be faster. Longer waterline despite beam and practically twice the SA. A small motor also adds some ability to fetch more distant horizons in a timely fashion. Method? I’m beginning with pieces and delaying that decision. CM interests me. That is Paul’s recommendation, but clinker ply is less expensive and I am familiar with the process. Still, I stare at my half model and those smooth curve are enticing.
      Love the Aber. Let me know if you go with the 166. Would enjoy sharing the build.

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