In Kinsale, We Had Boats

IMG_2740.JPGRose, Nip, Little T, Aeon, Molly, Whisper, Caesura and UNA. Sharon and Kirk, Peter, Kevin, Barry, Bob, Dennis, Doug and me with Huck. We all experienced a wonderfully long weekend by invitation from Floyd and Francie to enjoy their charming river house and sail the Yeocomico, a sleepy rural river jeweled with old homes and nestled on the south shore of the Potomac. To eat, sail, eat, sail, drink, eat, sleep became an easy rhythm to fall into. That we did. The hosts’ southern hospitality was sublime. Each meal highlighted Francie’s fantastic cooking and conversation was peppered with Floyd’s “histories” . No pounds were lost on this trip. My mornings started with coffee and country walks with Huck. Full breakfast fare proceeded gentle reaches downriver. Return trips tacked from bank to bank back home. Cocktails were savored with late afternoon breezes under big shade trees. From our roost we saw the sun set and a full moon rise. Lightning bugs, yelping of distant coon hounds, water reflections and tales told tall closed each day. What better way is there to spend with friends? This “bed and breakfast” sailing is hard to beat. Thank you Floyd and Francie! Thank you.

20 thoughts on “In Kinsale, We Had Boats

  1. Bob Thompson

    Very nicely done, Eddie. I haven’t eaten since Sunday breakfast – just trying to shed the five pounds I gained over the weekend. Truly remarkable weekend.

      1. Bob Thompson

        Sounds good to me. You want to target a day next week? Wednesday is my only bad day. Grandkid for the day. Let me know.

      1. Floyd Thompson

        Excellent video, much appreciated
        The steel boat at the ramp is a Pinky Schooner (traditional Maine and Nova Scotia fishing boat) designed by Tom Colvin.
        Tom Colvin 1925- 2014, was boat designer and builder lived in Mathews County Va on East River mid 50’s to mid 70’s. He gained his Master in Sail (any ocean, any tonnage) at age 20.

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  4. Glenn

    Great video! Actually, I saw it when it first came out and Floyd told me about it but I didn’t remember to leave a comment. Better late than never.

    I live on the West Yeocomico River near the boat launch ramp, saw y’all out there, and got a few photos myself. I may have sent some of them to Floyd but I’ll add posting them somewhere and sending a link to my “to-do” list.

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