4 thoughts on “Light and Invariable

    1. Yes they are. Actually it may just be husband and wife from Orange. Of that, I’m not sure though. Name change had to leave out somebody.

      1. dchill

        As far as I know, MO always was just the couple, and WH still is. “ Of the change, Marlin said “Mandolin Orange was born out of my 21-year-old mind. The name isn’t what I strive for when I write” and that Watchhouse is a name that reflects their “true intentions” as a band.”
        Ok. Right. Anyhow, same plaintive sound.

        So I was watching this clip (which I know is a couple years old but anyhow) and I’m hoping you’ll credit the singer at the end, cause I’m thinking I’ll look her up. “Mandarin Orange” you wrote. Well yes, of course it is, that’s why it struck a chord. And then I had to scratch around ‘cause I knew they changed that, to something less distinctive to my ear, but hey, their choice. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

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