Red, White and New

Old G4 socket with new G4 LED that lacked the lumens

Little Bird came with what appear to be repurposed cabin ceiling lights. They have wonderful glass globes with massive bronze bases. I don’t believe they’re original to the boat as evidenced by abandon holes behind the bases. I’m also doubtful the old G4 bulb sockets belonged to the fixtures’ manufacture.

New SPDT switch and sockets with old bulb

The G4 bulbs weren’t bright enough, drew extra amps and produced heat. Granted warmth is a plus in cool weather, but more sailing is done in warmer weather. Enough rationale, I decided to make the lights both white and red (no, not green of blue or whatever the latest night vision “fad” is). I also wanted the lower current drawing LED’s. To make this work, the single sockets were replaced with two BA15D bases per fixture and the switches replaced with SPDT, single pole double throw, on-off-on switches.

New glow

Now we’re ready for the disco!


2 thoughts on “Red, White and New

  1. Robert Denny

    Hi Eddie!

    Good for you, managing to save those nice old bronze or brass bases, and refit them with LED lights. That takes a little ingenuity! I have the large base light sockets in my boat, and managed to special order LED bulbs, but am still searching for simple clip on shades. The household ones are too ornate, so still looking.

    How is winter treating you so far? It’s been pretty decent here, but there is a snow warning for this coming week. Since that is a bit unusual, nobody is really prepared for it. Anyway, the Crown 23 is basically stripped for the next few months, while the Grand Banks is comfortable in a boathouse with heat on inside the boat.

    Nighean and I are heading to Victoria for a Family gathering tomorrow. I wish you and your Family Happy Holidays, and a great New Year, with all the exciting things you have going on!

    Cheers, Rob

    1. Winter is here! To be in lower teens tonight. Geese are hunkering down in the Lee of our shore. Wind is howling.

      Winterized Little Bird’s ticker yesterday. Had hoped for one more sail. Guess we’ll dream for a couple months.

      Merry Christmas!

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