Cat Scratch

on her clothesline

Camille’s iron fastenings are rusting slowly away. Her fiberglass skin is likely keeping her together in the meantime. My Mom is fond of saying, “growing old is not for sissies”. Not complaining. This cat is dry. She doesn’t leak a drop and she’s provided some exquisite sunrise sails of late … and, who can ignore those lines?

Some recent improvements here: added a topping lift to keep the boom off the coaming when the sail is lowered, leathered the two travel and boom crutches, replaced the masthead fly cloth, added oak to the back of the centerboard case, varnished that and the cap of the same, but most importantly, we now have beer loops port and starboard!

Now Camille is perfect to my eyes. Afterall, “some girls are bigger than others”.

Now here’s to sunset cruises. Cheers-


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