Mounting Frustrations

Sailing has been happening. Mostly in my “wife’s” Beetle Cat. More on that sweet boat later. A few small projects have been done there after pulling it from the barn this Spring.

With an Old Bay gathering on the horizon, I wanted to finish my third engine mount iteration in order to continue acceptance by the local TSCA motor squadron. Honesty, I hate the idea. It’s contrary to the sailing I built UNA for, but asking for a tow is a pain for both ends of the line and I don’t like missing dinner or cocktails.

A little history: two summers ago I lost a brand-new Honda 2.3 at the pier in 12′ of Rockland, ME water. That was a chilly retrieval. and I was cussing above and below water. The teak motor “thwart” I configured had cracked, racked and gone for a swim. And, I was about to tether the engine too! The engine was washed and left in the truck for a great week’s sail. Once back home, I made what I believed was a good fix and had several windless outings. Then on last Fall’s cruise to the Chippoke, I almost duplicated my previous snafu when my motor shaft struck something under water that didn’t want to give way. Tree stump perhaps? Anyway, the fix broke, but we were tethered this time thankfully. However, as frustrations mounted, I was determined the next solution would be my last or the entire aft end of the boat will be torn off before the engine takes a swim.

I gave a plywood mock-up and drawing to a metal fabricator. Stainless plates were crudely welded. I then eased edges, rounded corners and drilled holes for a solid chunk of chestnut oak. Pig leather was cemented to the inside face of the metal resting on the gunnel and to a shaped wood block pressing against the hull. I reused the bolt gunnel insert from the “thwart”. The result is a beast. 10# maybe. Lightening holes in the broad face of the steel will help some. Or, add a bucket of lead to port? Boat soup will suffice as a finish. This week we’ll take UNA will go for a spin.

For the record, some may recognize different engines posted here. My 40 year old Honda finally quit. All its bolts were rusted beyond extraction. A new Honda was bought before the “baptism”. Ended selling it after getting it running for more than purchased sale price. I bought a new, quieter, water-cooled Suzuki and still had a few pennies left over. No killer whales choked on engine parts in this small endeavor, and the lobsters continue to thrive.

Not proud of what I’ve done here, (but I can make things). I’m now beyond guilt by association. I’m one of them now!

“Lightening” holes added

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