No Spring Chickens

The Old Bay club had a tight gathering of seven boats last weekend. An invitation was extended to the group from the Boat Shop Director John England at the Deltaville Maritime Museum. Their exhibits and hands on activities focus primarily on the rich history of the Lower Chesapeake. John currently has two 20′ deadrise skiffs nearing completion. They are beauties. Go see for yourself.

John’s camp/sail event at Freeport Landing on the Piankatank has been going on for about 40 years. Attendance was relatively light. Weathermen can be believed at times and thus scare away sailors. The sailing was two days boisterous the first days and the last one sedate.

Most of us arrived Thursday afternoon to sail down river for the night off Berkleys Island. Friday proved to be much of the same. Fewer still headed downstream to Cobbs Creek, returning again to Berkleys for lunch and a swim. That night’s anchorage tucked peacefully in Harper Creek south of Freeport. Saturday was light, variable and sunny. More crew joined for several short sails, picnics and a laden picnic table potluck dinner. Too much!

It was wonderful to be reacquainted with UNA. She seemed to relish the higher winds and was getting it to weather. A good time was had by all as they say. More shows in this video following.

Miss it already!


8 thoughts on “No Spring Chickens

  1. Richard Holcombe

    Sounds like fun.
    I have a Calidonia Yawl half built, 90% to go here in Coastal Oregon. Could be turning the hull right side up in a week or so. Eager to get back on the water and stay dry.

    1. Not sure small boat sailing and “staying dry” are coincident, but it beats large boat sailing in so many respects. It’s purer I suppose. Enjoy the build journey-

  2. Small world! I’ve been working on a boat tent lately and did a test run in the cove to the west of Berkley Island just a day or two after you guys were there.

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