Outer Island lines: low res

As the hull structure is near complete, I decided to find tasks to do while I wait for epoxy & glass to arrive. I’ll build the bulkheads with scrap strips from cut offs. These too will be glassed. To make things easy I will use forms at position 6 and 11 for templates. This will allow some leg stretching and small cockpit storage behind the seat. I’ve looked also at a simple “racing” stripe to adorn the deck. Deck hatches will be flush and circles as opposed to ovals or ready-made rubber hatches. Lastly, I may mock up the cockpit as it is a wee bit smaller than those on my SOF yaks.

Bukhead #11 glued up.

I set wax paper over a full scale print of the form, cut strips to appropriate length glued, clamped, hot melted, and repeated. Went quickly, 30 mins? After the last strip I removed the clamps and set some heavy weights on bulkhead as the carpenters glue set overnight.

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