Cradle to Shavings

Yesterday, I cut cradles for the deck and hull. Working at chest height makes a huge difference.

I’m now sitting by the wood stove after a productive afternoon. Planed, sanded with 60 then 120 grit, and filled the nail holes with sawdust and epoxy in the deck. While the temps have not been agreeable for glassing yet, they are fine for this exercise. I had hoped to do all this outside, but rain prevented. Using a fan on the deck pointing out the garage may have helped, but there is a fine dust all over the garage (more work, clean up, later).

I had thought I was more careful aligning the strips on the deck, but apparently not. There was much more planing required. Chalk it up to learning. Results still look great. Pics below-

Next up will be glassing of bulkheads as prelude to the deck.

A small portion of shavings.




port side
aft deck


long shot


nice close up

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