Cannonball Folly

Started an initial planing of the deck last night and began shaping the mahogany on the prow at the deck. Here are a few pics that are likely to irritate the fastidious. Please reserve judgement for final results. As a general note, the deck looks good.Planing doesn’t open joints to expose more glue. There is an odd almost indented place to either side of the cockpit at 4 and 8 o’clock. I don’t believe it was intended, but I got symmetrical results. Doesn’t look bad. It is what it is.

The most egregious clamping of all!

Sometimes you just keep adding junk until the task is done. Some sort of strap would have been better, but this worked. No need for a patent here though.

“cannonball hole”.

When I mentioned that I had put the last strip on the boat, my youngest boy (9yrs) piped up and asked, “What about the cannonball hole?” Well put. You can see a light pencil line of the final hole for the cockpit. I didn’t want to fair any more area than needed. Some of this I’ll cut back before glassing as projecting sticks will mess up the laying of the fabric I think.

Deck fairing begins.

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