Snow No Go

I’m now itching to glass this boat (no puns re: scratching). Mother nature however has not warmed up to the idea. Though the thought of moving into the dining room is tempting, it is not an option, but give me credit for the thought. Actually, flashbacks of someone screaming after I painted a road bike in a kitchen years and years ago still put on the brakes. Who says there isn’t something to learn in every situation?. All I can say is, cover up all you want, but that mist can travel! I’ll leave that to the reader’s imagination. No pictures were taken then so, maybe it is plausible to deny. This can be considered a work of fiction.

I do have a few photos here from moving the boat out for the final deck sanding prior to glass on Saturday. Otherwise, I used a good part of the day to make some boxes to store my multiplying clamp collection. They are modified drawers from the old bath vanity. Also, I added more pulleys to the lifting supports raising the Moth off the garage floor. Also cut some trees back in the yard. We’ll see if they survive, soon I hope.

I’m now seriously considering heating the garage on a 60 degree day up to delivered the needed 70 (epoxy temp). However, temps crashed again on Sunday and delivered more snow. So, I’ll leave you with a few long views of the boat. This is prior to the sanding, and epoxied nail holes are obvious. Painter’s tape has since been removed.

port side view


port aft qtr


stbd aft qtr




2 thoughts on “Snow No Go

  1. Thanks! I really want to finish it. Good temps are needed. Already getting “Emily” ready for the season and don't want to miss out on that sailing either. Will take Spring & Fall trips. Going to do a beach late summer for a first. Should certainly have yak done by then. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. See you soon?

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