Smoothing for the Finish

Began the dreaded sanding phase today. However, I purchased a few foam sanding blocks that really make the job easier. These readily conform to the curves and can be used to wet sand. These happen to be 3M products. I highly recommend them. In fact, they made the process almost therapeutic. After only 2 hrs of sanding, the boat is ready for varnish. I bought a gallon of RAKA epoxies’ “Last N’ Last” in gloss. Only 2 quarts may be needed, but Interlux or Petit spar varnish cost twice and this LNL varnish has had good reviews. It comes in semi-gloss too. I’ll get a couple quart cans to preserve the excess.

Fine, Medium, and Coarse foam blocks.

So, since the garage has been washed down, I sanded with the blocks, a bucket, and hose on carpeted saw horses. In all, as pain free as it could be. I think the ROS would have made matter worse and potentially tear through the epoxy too fast.

The Fine block is perhaps 220 grit, Medium 120, and Coarse 80. I used Coarse and Medium at this stage. The Fine may do well for the varnish work.

Up close after a water rinse.

She shines.

I’m not sure I’ve owned anything this beautiful. Sure there are wonders like combustion engines, automobiles, and computers, but for for pure elegance suited to purpose, I can’t think of better around our abode. Jay Babina has captured some gorgeous lines.

Next up: a quick sanding of the interior. We are now at 202 hours of labor.

fore deck’s beauty.

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