The Morning After

Well, as usual, things don’t look so bad the morning after. I’ve maybe 8-10 sags/drips in the 1st coat of varnish. Despite my best vacuuming, washing, and cleaning of the garage floor and later wetting the floor a few hours prior to varnishing, there is dust trapped in the finish. I must back up and comply with the Master’s instructions (VaclavStejkal’s One Ocean Kayaks) and place a plastic canopy over the work, try a little thinner, and see if I can locate better foam brushes (not all wood handled ones are the same). If I haven’t touted it before, Vaclav’s Building Manual is a valuable resource I’ve in my “boat” library now. Clear instructions with good photos make it very worthy, … if you heed the advice.

First coat.

Marked sags.

She certainly passes the “6′ rule”. Perhaps I’ll back up further …

I broke down and sanded the hull by using the RO sander with 120 grit. I was quick and avoided any potential cutting through to the fiberglass thankfully. I followed that with a wet sanding using the medium foam block. Any residual scratches are gone in the first coat of varnish. Hand sanding just got too tedious.

The few sags in the finish are marked for light sanding before the next coat.

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