Sunsets or 30 Knot Winds

Had a short, but wonderful cruise this past weekend. Sadly, most likely listened to NOAA’s “chance of showers and thunderstorms” warnings and stayed away. This is the final line to just about every single report on the Chesapeake Bay during the summer months. Had we accepted the “prediction” we would have missed this wonderful sunset over Sarah Creek off the York River. Instead we nearly had the place to ourselves.

It was fresh sailing all weekend. We did some fishing, had enjoyable swims, ate too well, and gazed at a near full moon.


Of course there is sailing, and then there is broad reaching in 25+ knots apparent sustained. Gusts hit 30+. Couldn’t resist posting a video from a 10 day trip taken back in May. Here we made a personal, and perhaps boat best, of 70 nautical miles in 10 hrs with a 7 kt average. The 1st 2 hrs were spent bashing our heads against the gale force winds out of the Miles River, but once we turned into Eastern Bay and out into the Chesapeake … we rolled! Saw 9 knots regularly (turn down the sound). We flat out boogied.

This weekend may offer time to make some kayak progress. I’ve scrubbed down the garage in preparation for varnishing. All sanding from here on out will be done outdoors. More sooner than later-

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