Sooty Tern Specifications


Hull Type: Double Ended Clinker Rig Type: Balanced Lug Yawl
LOA: 19′-8″/ 6.0m LWL: 16′-3″ / 4.95m
Beam: 5′-4 1/2″ / 1.64m Listed SA: 119 ft2 / 11.06 m2
Draft: 21″(bd down.)/ 8″ (bd up.)
Hull Weight: 300 lbs./ 135 kgs. All Up Weight: 400 lbs. / 180 kgs.
Disp. @ DWL: 870 lbs./ 400 kgs.
Designer: Iain Oughtred
Construction: Wood (clinker ply)
SA(Fore.): 102 ft2 / 9.47 m2 SA(Mizz.): 17 ft2 / 1.57 m2
Sail Area (100% fore+mizzen): 119 ft2 / 11.06 m2


2 thoughts on “Sooty Tern Specifications

  1. Doug Heisler

    Hi, I am building a Ness Yawl that I will mostly sail alone on the Chesapeake Bay. Love your fore and aft decks and hatches on UNA – do you have/sell plans for the decks and hatch > Thanks, Doug

    1. Hey Doug,
      Come sail with us in the TSCA chapter we have. Called The Old Bay Club. Good group of sailors with various boats. Several Caledonia Yawls.
      Sorry, no hatch drawings. Did it by eye and simply made sure a milk crate would fit through. With rubber gasket under hatch, they aren’t water tight, but I’ve never had water ingress. Keeps most of gear dry. How far along are you? Spring launch?
      Good Luck-

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