Rozinante Specifications


Hull Type: Long Keel Rig Type: Masthead Ketch
LOA: 28.00′ / 8.53m LWL: 24.00′ / 7.32m
Beam: 6.33′ / 1.93m Listed SA: 270 ft2 / 25.08 m2
Draft (max.) 3.75′ / 1.14m Draft (min.)
Displacement: 6550 lbs./ 2971 kgs. Ballast: 3360 lbs. / 1524 kgs.
Sail Area/Disp.1: 12.38 Bal./Disp.: 51.30% Disp./Len.: 211.52
Designer: L. Francis Herreshoff
Construction: Wood or FG
First Built: 1952 (Luna- 1974 at Smith and Rhuland in Nova Scotia)
I(IG): 24.00′ / 7.32m J: 8.00′ / 2.44m
P: 27.80′ / 8.47m E: 12.50′ / 3.81m
SA(Fore.): 96.00 ft2 / 8.92 m2 SA(Main): 173.75 ft2 / 16.14 m2
Sail Area (100% fore+main triangles): 269.75 ft2 / 25.06 m2
Sail Area/Disp.2: 12.37 Est. Forestay Length.: 25.30′ / 7.71m

4 thoughts on “Rozinante Specifications

  1. Charles

    Hi – I enjoy watch your videos of Luna very closely – looking for tips on rigging Rozinantes, as well as just enjoying them. You posted rig & sail information – I wonder if you could help me out? I have just bought a 1965 Kenner built Rozinante. Shortly to be shipped to Australia, where I am, via shipping container. It is all pretty much there, however it is short a mainsail & Mizzen. Other than that it was being restored very faithfully to LFH specs. So my favour is this: do you have dimensions I can give to my local sailmaker so he can have a suit of sails ready for me when she arrives? (I am unsure what I/J etc designations mean on your specs page). Logistics here demand she is launched about 24km from my mooring. I will have a 5HP engine & mount, but it would be so much better to be able to sail away. With thanks in advance for your time. Charles

    1. Hello Charles,
      Congrats on the new boat. She’s wonderful to sail. I’d point you to Francis Herreshoff’s Sensible Cruising Designs. WoodenBoat magazine has a Doug Hylan “Rozinante”, but it is a different boat (yawl, not ketch rig among other significant differences). Best of luck and report back!

      1. Charles

        Thanks Eddie – I have Sensible Cruising Designs, but just can’t make out the numbers. I’ll follow up with Wooden Boat magazine. Happy sailing, Charles

      2. Welcome. Again, I the WB boat may not be a true Rozinante as it has Doug Hylan “interpretations”. How far that goes I’m not sure. I know he has a fatter, heavier and yawl rig design on his web site. Given all that, still pretty, but I’m not sure it is apples to apples.

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