Intro to Dinghy Cruising

A fellow boater, Doug, sails both a Marsh Cat and a comparatively voluminous Cornish Shrimper (both excellent cruisers). The latter is quite luxurious and perhaps doesn’t qualify as a dinghy cruiser, but sometimes added comfort is most appreciated. I can recall a late Fall cruise last year, sitting below in his Shrimper, four friends, sharing stories, drinks and relishing the warmth produce by the chef’s stove. Thanks Doug!

Anyhow, he shared a wonderful video “The Homely Dinghy” by a Brit named Roger Barnes whose Ilur design by Francois Vivier fits the dinghy cruising bill marvelously. Barnes has a book on my list to read called The Dinghy Cruising Companion. It now has moved up in line.

I discovered a couple more of Roger’s videos and want to pass them along too. So, here they are, in varying degrees of length and specificity, short to long. Enjoy. I did.

This last video features the UK Dinghy Cruising Association. Interesting site loaded with tidbits. Barnes is the DCA President.

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