Luna’s Half Hull

I enjoyed carving the Ducker model so much that I wanted to try another. This time of Luna. Here are pics of the early progress. In removing the last bit from the keel I accidentally buzzed off the tail end of the keel. This gave me the “opportunity” to add that corner back as a delineation of what would be the lead ballast per the lines drawing.

botched trailing keel corner and tick marks for fairing


added “ballast”


rudder added. cardboard stations beyond.


ready for hanging

I’m learning as I go. Too late for this one, but I just rediscovered an old Rudder Magazine article on model making by none other than L. Francis himself, I’d like to do one more. In his description I realized there may be a quicker way to remove the waste wood by not gluing the lifts, tracing the lower lift onto the above lift and separating the individual lifts to work on each separately. Once the majority of the waste wood is removed, the lifts can be rejoined and tuned for the final finish. Rewarding projects. What might be a next go?

2 thoughts on “Luna’s Half Hull

  1. Hi Eddie
    Just got onboard with your WP blog. Stellar! I’m going to take you lead and start a half model of my live-aboard ‘Quelle’ from the 80s. Thanks.

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