Spring Outfitting

I’ve a trip planned for LUNA either late April or mid May. Duration, 7-10 days. Longer than any trip with her thus far, it will offer a good opportunity to see what she can do. I’d love to sneak up the Eastern Shore through Tangier Sound, through Hoopers Straight and around into the Choptank to visit Oxford, MD and then return down the western shore of the Bay.

To get ready there is a to do list:

  • varnish forward hatch and spars.
  • wash down the interior to kill any mildew.
  • wash both sets of sails.
  • rework the jiffy reefing.

The list may be short, but it represents a lot of time so, we have begun varnishing what we can do at home.

The hatch has been scraped, sanded and given 2 thinned coats so far. The old acrylic port was so checked, a new one wash made complete with stepped edge to match the recess in the hatch. This will be set in Dolphinite and clamped in place with bronze rings on both sides.

The 2 booms have had their hardware removed, have been sanded and a coat of full varnish applied.

To wash the sails, I want to hang a block in a backyard tree to hoist sails via halyard to scrub them.

The reefing set up will take some study and maybe a turning block on the main boom for ease of use.

All of this is more distraction that needed when life has already given enough lists, planned and otherwise. Nonetheless, we’re off and running. The days are getting warmer. Daylight increases. The dream is being stoked.

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