Cape Falcon’s F1 Kayak (part II)

DAY 6(4 hrs)

  • used poster board strip to get correct rib lengths.
  • rough cut rib material from oak.
  • dimensioned ribs through thickness planer and rounded with router.
  • cut ribs to length, eased ends for mortise pockets and set in bath to soak a few days.

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DAY 7: (6 hrs)

  • manufactured a steam “box” from 4″ ABS pipe, plastic hose, towel, tee shirt and kettle on a propane grill burner.
  • placed soaked ribs in sets of 3 in steam. Added a pair after using a limbered up pair. This kept work flow going.
  • Rib 16 splintered. Rib 1 in the bow broke 3 times. I used 1/4″ oak, 3/16″ oak, then bamboo and finally created a “V” shaped rib from previous broken ribs. Pre-soaking the ribs seemed to help prepare the ribs vs. placing the ribs dry into the steam box.
  • Once the ribs were in place, I removed several of the molds. Removal required cutting some in half.
  • I’m glad I had the molds for reference. A 1/4″ difference in proper rib length can distort the hull shape.

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DAY 8(4.5 hrs)

  • drilled and pinned 1/8″ dowels into ribs at mortices.
  • discovered several ribs had cracked or frayed at the keel line. Lacking enough spare material, I milled more, cut it to lengths and steamed to put in place. That rib #2 took 2 tries.
  • removing the molds and flipping the kayak, I lashed the keel first. Then each chine afterwards.
  • I now have a beautiful “basket”.
  • the frame weighs 16 lbs 10 oz.
  • will now order the ballistic nylon and coating.

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Total hours thus far:  48 hrs.

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